Can we still rely on the credit rating agencies? (

“Has the maximum point of stress in the capital markets passed?” (Capital Spectator)

Basis-risk volatility in the agricultural commodities is becoming even more problematic. (Market Movers)

Everything is pegged to Libor.” (FT Alphaville)

A company badly in need of some ‘adult supervision.’ (

Take me out to the ball game, take me out the sports-related SPAC? (Deal Journal)

“Breaking news: Naked call selling has unlimited upside risk.” (Daily Options Report)

The attractions of an unconstrained bond fund. (Market Movers)

The Canadian dollar has back off its multi-decade highs. (Money & Co.)

Fundamental indices are coming to the bond world. (

Good reasons to investigate ‘no-effort portfolios.’ (Investors Chronicle via Kirk Report)

What do redemption fees tell us about a fund’s likely performance? (CXO Advisory Group)

Selling out the secrets of the sell side in a new book. (

“Only bottom-feeders will benefit from an airline merger.” (Epicurean Dealmaker)

Anticipating big changes in the way money will be managed five years hence. (All About Alpha)

The folly of ascribing fundamental explanations to short-term stock moves. (Fundamental Insights)

Apple (AAPL) makes a move into the chip world. (Gizmodo, GigaOM)

“There is still too much bullish sentiment.” (Big Picture)

More questions than answers in the morass of housing data. (Dash of Insight)

The Fed is treating the symptoms, not the disease. (naked capitalism)

More evidence of economic weakness from UPS (UPS). (Calculated Risk)

There is some evidence that high prices are slowing Americans’ gas consumption. (FT Alphaville)

More on the Fed policy-commodity price connection. (Econbrowser)

“Basically, cows are a hot potato. Nobody wants to hold them, cause they’re so darned expensive to feed.” (The Stalwart)

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