Where was the “wise man” Robert Rubin? (NYTimes.com)

“The Asian thing is tremendously exciting.” (WSJ.com)

Jim Rogers is buying Chinese shares again.  (Bloomberg.com)

Hedge funds are getting into the farmland business. (FT.com)

“Volatility also is showing signs of mucho complacency.” (Daily Options Report)

How has the bond market evolved since the last Fed meeting? (Aleph Blog)

Jeremy Grantham does not have nice things to say about Alan Greenspan’s Fed. (Capital Chronicle, GMO.com)

Investors think too much about price.” (FT.com)

Has the elimination of the uptick-rule changed the way shorts manage their positions? (Big Picture)

What exactly is a high implied volatility? (VIX and More)

Why pay high fees for average performance? (Humble Student)

This energy shock is a ‘big one.’ (Real Time Economics)

Why haven’t existing home sales fallen further than they already have? (Calculated Risk)

“(E)every growing economy needs a leading sector.” (EconLog)

For all the talk we still face big obstacles to freer trade. (Marginal Revolution, NYTimes.com)

Cramer in all his glory. (Guardian.co.uk via Gawker)

What Steve Jobs is up to with the purchase of PA Semiconductor. (I, Cringley)

Yahoo!-Microsoft has as much strategic excitement as Blockbuster-Circuit City. (DealBreaker.com)

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