Short sellers are the new global scapegoats. (

“Believe it or not, public equity analysis as a preamble to non-control investments in publicly held firms is a much different and more difficult, different endeavor than LBO analysis.” (

The one-year Treasury bill is back. (AP/

Junk bonds are back, sort of. (

The muni bond market gets the CDS index treatment. (

The 50 largest private equity firms – the Private Equity International 50. (PEI Media)

What can Vikram Pandit do next to fix Citigroup (C)? (DealBook)

On Wall Street there is always some paid more than you. (Deal Journal)

ETF price cuts. (Basis Pointing)

The barriers to entry in the ETN market. (

Ten things you should know about the VIX. (VIX and More)

Is the right benchmark for 130/30 funds a long-only index? (All About Alpha)

Global inflation is on the march. (Real Time Economics)

A recession in all but name. (Big Picture,

Housing prices would seem to confirm this. (Calculated Risk)

Market-derived odds of an official 2008 recession have fallen dramatically. (Mankiw Blog)

Most economic commentary is “noise not signal.” (Dash of Insight)

An explanation why the Fed model “might work.” (CXO Advisory Group)

Sell in May, or not. (

Research on the trading skills of institutional investors. (

iPhone rumors du jour. (Gizmodo, Silicon Alley Insider)

Chicago is Warren Buffett’s kind of town. (Corporate Dealmaker)

A book about Warren Buffett’s imperfections. (, Crossing Wall Street)

Trends in business news site traffic. (Infectious Greed)

Are “forever stamps” a good deal? (Odd Numbers)

“(T)he most important [horse] race in America is more determined by luck than skill…” (

Then again, no one said the horse racing game was an easy one. (Daily Options Report)

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