Please note today’s edition of the linkfest is earlier (and shorter) than normal.

High yield bonds have rallied of late. (Bespoke Investment Group, Crossing Wall Street)

The pursuit of “fake alpha” has created any number of problems. (Big Picture)

A deadly pattern among some of the best traders is to channel achievement motivation into trading *more*.” (TraderFeed)

Why does Barron’s continue printing the Citigroup Panic/Euphoria Model? (Condor Options)

Market rallies since the onset of the credit crisis. (Bespoke Investment Group, Big Picture)

Grammatical evolution and market timing. (Alea)

Banks are desperate to shed debt, even if it takes a fire sale. (

When it comes to early-stage companies should you bet on the jockey or the horse? (Journal of Finance – .pdf)

“(A)lmost everything I heard about trading and portfolio management in the mainstream was a myth.” (

Wrigley (WWY) decided its hard to be a public company. (Deal Journal)

Which re-opened mutual fund should you consider? (

Fire Steve Ballmer. (Infectious Greed)

See some of our favorite econobloggers up close and personal. (Milken Institute via Market Movers)

How bad are things in the newspaper industry? In a word, bad. (Silicon Alley Insider)

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