Times are tough when an asset manager needs to raise capital in billion dollar chunks. (WSJ.com, Deal Journal, Market Movers)

Inflationary psychology is back, and the Fed is worried. (Real Time Economics, Calculated Risk)

The Fed is running out of T-bills. (Alea)

Price increases are simply more noticeable — more salient, as psychologists would say — than price decreases.” (NYTimes.com also Crossing Wall Street)

“In general, we should treat spreads with more money behind them as more informative than those with less…” (Interfluidity)

What effect might binary options have on volatility? (Daily Options Report)

The performance of high momentum stocks around earnings announcements. (CXO Advisory Group)

Ten core ideas of trading psychology. (TraderFeed)

Great companies don’t always make a great stock, the case of Cisco (CSCO). (ClusterStock.com)

Stock picks from the Value Investing Congress. (ETF Expert)

Club deals‘ seem to happen at a discount to solo deals. (DealBook)

The state of the private equity industry. (Knowledge@Wharton)

Don’t take too much comfort from recent positive GDP reports. (Big Picture)

A new consensus on the payroll employment report. (Dash of Insight)

The housing market is, contrary to some reports, not yet at a bottom. (Calculated Risk)

$100 a barrel oil is still pretty cheap. (Capital Spectator)

Talk of the “super spike” in oil prices is back. (FT Alphaville, Big Picture, Infectious Greed)

Gas tax holiday hysterics. (Mankiw Blog)

The launch of the MCDX is a “game changer” for the muni bond market. (Accrued Interest)

Municipal bond insurance really is different than other types of insurance. (DealBreaker.com)

People seem to blur the distinction between health insurance and health care. (EconLog)

A huge launch for a video game. (Tech Trader Daily)

Everybody but Abnormal Returns joins the Sprint-Clearwire WiMax partnership. (Tech Observer, WSJ.com, DealBook, Silicon Alley Insider)

We have to concur with this rave review of the new CBS Digital Radio Network. (Fred Wilson)

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