Is it too soon to start calling the company, Sprint Extel (S)? (

A hedge fund fight over Sears Holdings (SHLD). (, Market Movers)

Google (GOOG) wins this round. Then again, doesn’t Google always win? (DealBook, Bits)

Have commodity funds run too far, too fast? (

Ways to play the ‘BRIC phenomenon.’ (

A big split in global dividend yield trends.  (Capital Spectator)

VIX options “are thus derivatives of a derivative.” (Daily Options Report)

Shorting puts as an investment strategy.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Sell in May‘ may not be all that great an axiom. (, Dash of Insight)

Some CLO deals are getting closed. (

Investment banks should not buy hedge funds. (Prince of Wall Street)

Cash levels at hedge funds remain elevated. (

A better definition of liquidity. (Aleph Blog)

Tips on building a simple or ‘lazy portfolio.’ (

Performance improvement often occurs in small, continuous steps forward.” (TraderFeed)

Forecasts for the windmill makers are still too low…” (Money & Co.)

Can ‘libertarian paternalism bridge the political divide’? (

Art purchased on credit is a different financial animal altogether. (Market Movers)

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