Microsoft will be back.” (DealBook)

The pressure on Yahoo! (YHOO) management is going to be intense. (, Market Movers)

Select quotes from the “Capitalist Woodstock.” (,

The upshot of a shift away from fund of hedge funds. (All About Alpha)

Confidence is good only when confidence is merited.” (Interfluidity also Market Movers)

“The Bear Stearns bailout may have saved the economy from an episode of financial contagion in the short run, but in the long run it will likely leave us with a more regulated and less vibrant financial system.” (Mankiw Blog)

Investment grade corporate spreads have further room to tighten. (Accrued Interest)

How some recent fund innovations fared during the recent market cycle. (

Research shows little effect on stock returns and volatility after the suspension of the uptick rule. (Journal of Finance – .pdf)

Negative feedback loops and further risk to the economy. (naked captialism)

What can you learn from the economics of the Cowles Commission. (Marginal Revolution)

Innovation is an incremental process. (,

Emotions play a large role in our decision making.” (Predictably Irrational)

Get to know investment banking lingo. (Mergers & Inquisitions)

Is a rice cartel in the works? (

The horse racing industry is “in crisis.” (

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