S&P 500 earnings-ex three big oil companies. (Big Picture)

S&P 500 Growth is beating Value since the market top of last October. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Read this before Wednesday, S&P 500 performance by day of the week. (Crossing Wall Street)

T-bill supply is pushing rates higher. (MarketBeat)

Negative real yields on 10 year Treasury bonds historically don’t last long. (Capital Spectator)

A key tax ruling in the world of muni bonds. (WSJ.com, Money & Co.)

“Long-only managers have been immigrating to the Republic of 130/30 for some time.” (All About Alpha)

How safe are the GSEs? (Accrued Interest)

Nobody, except Microsoft (MSFT) thinks a combination with Yahoo! (YHOO) is a good idea. (Tech Observer also WSJ.com)

Carl Icahn is making out well on the prospects of a new deal. (NYTimes.com, Silicon Alley Insider)

Break up AIG (AIG). (Aleph Blog also DealBook)

Is the buyout game set to restart? (Deal Journal)

Are we missing the boat by focusing on income inequality and not expenditures? (Freakonomics, Will Wilkinson)

In praise of headline inflation. (Odd Numbers)

Why does any one still use checks? (Market Movers)

Speculation and the prospects for peak oil. (Free Exchange)

Want to help the planet…buy a used car. (Wired.com)

On the future of the blogging business: more blog acquisitions and the challenges of integrating said acquisitions into larger media sites. (Silicon Alley Insider, Market Movers)

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