Moody’s gave AAA ratings to billions of dollars of structured debt due to a coding error. (FT Alphaville also NakedShorts, Alea, Market Movers)

Why does the market perform (historically) on the first day of the month? (Crossing Wall Street)

Has the VIX jumped the shark? (Condor Options)

There will soon by no shortage of frontier market ETFs. (Basis Pointing)

“Don’t count on Mr. Pickens for any special insight into how the Microsoft-Yahoo saga might play out.” (DealBook)

Look who else is joining the Microsoft-Yahoo party. ( also Silicon Alley Insider)

Tech stocks now outweigh financial stocks in the S&P 500. (Floyd Norris)

Meredith Whitney says boo. Bank stocks drop. (

“(L)ife is getting harder for the buyout groups.” (FT Alphaville)

Corporate insiders have yet to step up their selling. (

Dark pools of liquidity are combining into ever darker, ever larger pools. (Zero Beta)

On the state of women on Wall Street. (

Half of the U.S. was in recession in April. (Calculated Risk)

Oil price fundamentals. (Econbrowser also naked capitalism, FT Alphaville)

Wind power is on a hot streak.” (Money & Co.)

Is it time for Internet retailers to collect state sales tax? (Market Movers)

The economics of standing for stud. (The Rail)

Warning! A very addictive, graphical band relationship map. ( via Very Short List)

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