The continued fallout from the the Moody’s big mea culpa. (FT Alphaville)

UBS offloads a scad of mortgage assets at a discount, and pays for the privilege. (Times Online via Alpha Guy)

“People are losing faith in financial assets for good reason.” (Interfluidity)

The relationship between 3 month T-bills and Fed funds is becoming more normal. (Trader’s Narrative)

The challenge of making oil production estimates without the requisite data. (naked capitalism)

“All that said, this parabolic oil move will not end well.” (Howard Lindzon)

An up April for hedge funds. (DealBook)

“The 10-year P/E has, in my opinion, almost no impact on equity prices.” (Crossing Wall Street)

There are very few perfect hedges. (Market Movers)

Is Amazon’s (AMZN) stock price defying gravity? (,,

On industry selection. (Aleph Blog)

Some ETFs that could go on the chopping block. (Basis Pointing)

(S)mall hedge funds seem to beat large ones every year. ” (All About Alpha)

The options exchanges don’t want to be left out of big institutional orders. (Daily Options Report)

Alan Greenspan really is a genius according to Bill Gross. (Alea)

The differential effect of oil shocks on the U.S. economy. (CXO Advisory Group)

Q&A on behavioral economics with Dan Ariely. (SciAm via Economist’s View)

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