How much should you pay for portfolio reallocation? (Market Movers also ETF Trends)

Correlation is not the be all, end all, of portfolio diversification. (Asset Allocation)

Building a complex, but simple ETF portfolio. (Random Roger)

Random stock calls with no target, no stop, or no out of any sort are worthless.” (Daily Options Report)

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Corporate bond defaults are on the rise. (FT Alphaville)

The case against peak Oil. (

“Any speculator who promises on paper to buy oil for more than the physical stuff is actually selling for will find themselves at that point with a big, fat paper loss.” (Econbrowser)

“So, I don’t buy the bubble rhetoric for crude oil here.” (Aleph Blog)

“We can’t always have zero (economic) profit in every market at every point in time.” (Economist’s View)

Don’t look to Congress to solve the oil price problem. (Jeff Matthews)

“The US imported too loose a monetary policy from the world, and now exports too loose a monetary policy to the world.” (Brad Setser)

The fall in housing prices accelerates. (Calculated Risk, Real Time Economics)

On the prospect of “bribing” consumers to use a Microsoft (MSFT) search engine. (Tech Observer, Silicon Alley Insider)

Just how many people make their living off of eBay (EBAY)? ( also Big Picture)

Do you remember that big BusinessWeek cover story on blogs three years ago? Here’s the follow-up. (

A unique employment bonus…for quitting. (Freakonomics)

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