We apologize for an admittedly less than comprehensive linkfest today. Thanks for your patience.

A rift in the world of fundamental indexation. (WSJ.com)

Under watch: Libor and Oil. (WSJ.com, ibid)

Is $100 a barrel oil going to be hard to sustain? (Economist’s View, Real Time Economics,

Do I think that Libor is perfect? No…But Libor is not nearly as flawed as the WSJ makes it out to be.” (Market Movers also Alea)

Sears Holding (SHLD) is taking down more names on Wall Street. (MarketBeat, Deal Journal)

Bond yields are on the rise and the return of the ‘bond market vigilantes.’ (Market Blog, Capital Spectator)

Are Fannie and Freddie the ultimate disaster insurance? (Financial Ninja)

The IPO market is less than vigorous. (DealBook)

Five ETFs are closing. (IndexUniverse.com, Basis Pointing)

“The bottom line is that the correlation between weather-induced mood shifts and stock market returns does not imply causation. ” (All About Alpha)

Is the Yen a ‘negative beta‘ asset? (Mankiw Blog)

Oh, Lenny…. (Daily Options Report)

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