Barton Biggs, “As oil stops going up, technology stocks will go up.” (

Mohamed El-Erian author of When Markets Collide, “U.S.-based individual investors have too much invested in the U.S. and not enough internationally. That exposes them to significant risk in this world. The first thing is buying a multi-diversified set of exposures.” (

Research into the opportunities available in ‘index losers.’ (

Libor changes…none. (Alea)

Maybe banks weren’t meant to own or operate hedge funds. (

Active managers are having a hard time keeping up with this market. (

A bull market in ‘dry powder.’ (DealZone)

“So far in 2008, the average takeover bid has been 25 percent above the stock price of the target company four weeks before the deal was announced.” (DealBook)

Opposition to the CME bid for the NYMEX is growing. (

The challenge of a new alternative energy IPO. (

Timing it is difficult, to say the least. If oil’s move is artificial, it will ultimately run it’s course.” (Daily Options Report)

Understanding contrary indicators. (Big Picture)

Adjusting factor-based models based on market trend. (World Beta)

A new blog (and book) from Dr. Brett. (Become Your Own Trading Coach)

Your Nassim Nicholas Taleb stories of the day. (Market Movers, naked capitalism)

“Compared with other ways of funding the government, the corporate tax is particularly hard on economic growth.” (

The relationship between consumer inflation expectations and future spending. (Real Time Economics)

Trends in traded vs. non-traded commodities. (Econbrowser)

Convenience beats quality.” (Fred Wilson)

An Inconvenient Opera. (Going Private)

While America Aged a new book from Roger Lowenstein. (Aleph Blog)

Some summer beach reading recommendations. (Deal Journal)

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