Round up the usual suspects…Who might buy Lehman Bros. (LEH)? (Market Movers)

David Einhorn, the high-profile principal of Greenlight Capital, the hedge fund manager, said Lehman was his biggest short position.” (

Whatever happened to Reg FD? (naked capitalism, Big Picture)

Share buybacks and the question of insider trading. (Accrued Interest)

Using option strategies to play Lehman. (Daily Options Report, Condor Options)

“…Mr. Icahn lacked any plan other than selling Yahoo to Microsoft, even though Microsoft has been clear that it is no longer interested in buying Yahoo.” (Bits)

Putting the ‘BR’ in ‘BRIC.’ (Bespoke Investment Group)

The Russell 2000 is on a relative roll. (Afraid to Trade)

The majority of trading problems, I believe, come neither from changing markets nor changing minds, but the lack of time and effort devoted to systematic market learning.” (TraderFeed)

“The idea that any schlub can now hold a portfolio approximating the global capital and commodities markets, and at a reasonable cost, is nothing short of a financial revolution.” (Capital Spectator)

“There is only one way to beat the market. Buy the market – and get a little lucky.” (Deal Journal)

The pseudo-expert is the master of the anecdote. (A Dash of Insight)

A great deal of virtual ink spilled over a ‘phantom trade.’ (FT Alphaville)

The implications of rising air freight costs. (Econbrowser)

Why one should major in Economics. (EconLog)

Then again, it may be more important when you graduate as opposed to your major. (Odd Numbers)

Should you donate to Harvard’s (already enormous) endowment? (Marginal Revolution)

Hyper-local content needs to be peer-produced. (Fred Wilson)

The best horses that did not win the Triple Crown. (The Rail)

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