Ho hum…the monoline bond insurers get downgraded and no one cares. (Market Movers, DealBreaker.com)

Alltel, “Why the quick flip?” (WSJ.com)

“Analyses such as Mr. Einhorn’s on Lehman are valuable, not villainous. If a company’s shares suffer as a result, maybe it is because that company’s response isn’t fully persuasive.” (breakingviews/WSJ.com)

Contrasting Bill Miller and Ken Heebner. (Humble Student of the Markets)

Market wisdom from Bernard Baruch. (Kirk Report)

Bond timers are bearish. (Marketwatch.com)

You can still believe in ‘Peak Oil’ and still be bearish on oil prices (for the moment). (Curious Capitalist)

“(S)some private equity firms are increasingly desperate to deploy the huge funds they have raised, and are willing to jettison many of the pillars of the traditional private equity model in order to do so.” (Telegraph.co.uk)

‘Combined’ vs. ‘integrated’ 130/30 portfolio approaches. (All About Alpha)

“The first sign of quality control problems in trading is lack of consistency.” (TraderFeed)

“What options do regulators have to inhibit front-running?” (Odd Numbers)

Prime mortgages are the next worry. (Aleph Blog)

The economy is simultaneously dealing with the dual problems of housing and oil. (Econbrowser)

Forecast errors and the monthly payroll report. (Dash of Insight also Big Picture)

Which inflation rate?  (Mankiw Blog)

“Any lag between research completion and its diffusion is effectively a growth retardant.” (Growthology)

iPhone 2.0 will be available in 64 countries by year-end. (BusinessWeek.com)

Are you a ‘biller’ or a ‘player’? (EconLog)

“Well-liked Deadspin editor Will Leitch is parting ways with the Gawker sports title.” (Mixed Media)

Are the Chicago Cubs worth more now that that they are on a hot streak? (Deal Journal also TheDeal.com)

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