“The massive increase also shows oil is moving onto gold’s turf as the investment opportunity of choice in uncertain economic times.” (WSJ.com)

“If ever a financial instrument ever seemed to be taunting the markets, the crude-oil contract is it.” (MarketBeat)

We are getting closer to the “end game” of the oil “super-spike scenario.” (Barrons.com)

A short-term failure for the magazine cover indicator for oil! (Big Picture)

The oil exporters are sitting on a lot of cash. The amount of interest in how institutions like ADIA allocate their portfolios is only going to grow.” (Brad Setser)

Did patience pay off for Verizon in its acquisition of Alltel? (TheDeal.com)

[Berkshire’s] “asset and earnings bases are simply too large for the business to make outsized gains in the future.” (TheStreet.com)

There is little evidence that any sector ETFs reliably lead (or lag) the overall stock market. (CXO Advisory Group)

A long term look at the put/call ratio. (VIX and More)

Some bond fund managers have a great deal of flexibility. (WSJ.com)

Asset allocation under different Fed regimes. (World Beta)

“This perception of control can fuel speculation, as investors riding a swelling wave assume they will get to the shore well before it breaks.” (FT.com)

“Trading gains lead to heightened expectations, which in turn facilitate overtrading.” (TraderFeed)

Is this a recession? (Econbrowser)

“While the U.S. financial system processes popped stock bubbles quickly, it has always taken longer to hack through the overhang of bad debt.” (Newsweek.com)

It is wrong to play down the costs of globalization, but the reality is that we’ve been playing down its benefits for a long time.” (NYTimes.com)

“..there’s a clear line between a contrarian article and a “hatchet job.” (Street Capitalist)

The FT is losing the financial opinion wars. (Market Movers)

Howard Lindzon talking about Twitter. (Fred Wilson)

From Mebane Faber, a custom search engine utilizing the top investment blogs. (Google.com)

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