Lehman Bros. (LEH) hopes to raise enough capital to more than cover recent losses. (naked capitalism, Market Movers, DealBook)

Did short-covering play large role in the move of oil above $138? (Econbrowser)

Oops. Energy-focused hedge funds have missed this year’s rally in oil. (WSJ.com)

Warren Buffett bets against the ability of a handful of hand-picked hedge funds to beat the S&P 500. (Fortune.com)

Friday presented a number of market extremes. (Daily Options Report)

Research into trading “extreme market declines.” (CXO Advisory Group)

Dividend cuts are on the rise. (Financial Week)

A “tug of war” is at work in the world’s bond markets. (WSJ.com)

A scad of slides on the 130/30 portfolio management. (PIonline.com via All About Alpha)

“(W)hen credit conditions tighten and asset prices fall, work becomes less optional.” (Interfluidity)

The economy is worse than you think. (Newsweek.com, Econbrowser)

The ‘institutional imperative‘ and the downfall of bank management. (Morningstar.com)

Fed borrowing, too big to fail, and the problem of ‘credible commitment.’ (Economist’s View)

A plan to revamp global financial regulation. (Market Movers, NakedShorts)

There are no guarantees in investment banking. (Mergers & Inquisitions)

SSRN.com has opened up the research world to all comers. (NYTimes.com)

“(G)oogle juice is an incredibly important business asset.” (Fred Wilson)

Yahoo! (YHOO) is a turnaround, not a growth story. (Jeff Mattews)

iPhone Day. What to do? (Tech Observer, Information Asymmetry)

Mark Cuban covets the Chicago Cubs. (ChicagoTribune.com)

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