You mean I am being fired?”  ( also Epicurean Dealmaker, Market Movers)

A shortage of ships used for offshore, deep-water drilling is exacerbating the rise in the price of oil.  (

“If expanding drilling can’t gain traction with gas at $4 per gallon, the cause would seem to be hopeless.”  (

(L)oan spreads have begun to appear rich to non-traditional accounts like private equity firms and pension funds.”  (

How to clear billions of assets off of your balance sheet.  (naked capitalism)

Crisis indicators, then and now.  (Bespoke Investment Group)

“Credit-default swaps (CDS) pose the greatest systemic risk to the worldwide financial system.”  (Accrued Interest)

Recession, not a recession.  (Real Time Economics, Odd Numbers)

Are we too gloomy on the economy?  (Big Picture)

Gaming the ‘China Olympics bubble.’  (Econbrowser)

“Is there any merit to a “take small wins” methodology?”  (Daily Options Report)

‘2 & 25%’ for an all-ETF hedge fund.  (, ibid)

The hedge fund industry just doesn’t make all that much sense.  (Humble Student)

(H)edge fund entrepreneurs and traditional entrepreneurs both provide social value.”  (All About Alpha)

Covestor has global ambitions to undermine the traditional asset management business.  (FT Alphaville)

CFOs may not be any better at forecasting than anyone else, but what they think is likely to reflected in what their companies do, and those decisions can slow the economy even more.”  (Floyd Norris)

“Apple is not acting like they plan an exclusive AT&T marriage forever.”  (Going Private)

The search game is not over, and Google hasn’t necessarily won.  (The Stalwart)

Few surprises on this list of the best investment blogs.  ( via NakedShorts)

Carl, “Be careful! Blogging is a lot more tiring than it looks.”  (Icahn Report, Silicon Alley Insider)

The blogosphere would suffer greatly if all blogs behaved in much the same way.”  (Market Movers)

The horse racing industry gets the Congressional investigative treatment.  (

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