The worst first-half of the year for hedge funds since 1990.  (, naked capitalism)

Chapter 11 looks more attractive every day to General Motors (GM).  (breakingviews/, Market Movers, Aleph Blog,

Rumor mongering about the ‘short selling conspiracy’.  (

Investing lessons from the late John Templeton.  (

Is Bill Miller toast?  (

Trend following with ETFs.  (ETF Trends)

The opportunity in Brazil:  point, counterpoint.  (Infectious Greed, Market Movers)

The launch of another frontier market ETF and an investable Gulf equity index.  (, ibid)

“It wasn’t too long ago, after all, that the same T. Boone Pickens who is now talking up wind power was talking it down.”  (Jeff Matthews)

The rise of energy stocks is playing havoc with the VIX.  (VIX and More)

Sometimes market indicators simply stop working.  (Daily Options Report)

BRICs vs. PIGS.  (Big Picture)

Builders have largely stopped building, so the inventory must eventually fall. But what is noteworthy is how slowly that process is proceeding.”  (Floyd Norris)

Blog links fall behind search engines and aggregators in driving site traffic.  (ValleyWag)

Walt Mossberg and David Pogue weigh in on the new iPhone.  (,

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