Crisis, du jour.  Fannie and Freddie under the gun.  (, Market Movers, Calculated Risk, naked capitalism, Curious Capitalist, Big Picture)

A nice start to the year for Clarium Capital, while United Capital goes belly up.  (, NakedShorts)

“Some investors might want hedge funds to return consistent, positive returns after fees — the absolute return model. In reality, many of today’s funds actually have plenty of market exposure, be it to stocks, bonds or other asset types.”  (breakingviews/

“How do you quantify frustration with the market?”  (Bespoke Investment Group)

Stocks down.  Dividend yields up.  (Capital Spectator)

Drug stocks have been a safe haven of late.  (MarketBeat)

“(M)utual fund investors can enhance odds of beating passive benchmarks by focusing on funds with expense ratios that are among the lowest within category.”  (CXO Advisory Group)

Seven different kinds of Beta.  (Beta Brief)

General Electric (GE) considers a more radical restructuring.  (DealBook)

“There are thousands on Wall Street who have socked away enough cash over the years to easily weather the storm. There are tens of thousands who haven’t.”  (Deal Journal)

“In an earth-shattering discovery, Dr. Idiot found that many important market turning points have occurred 10 years apart…”  (TraderFeed)

More on the (Jim) Rogers Van Eck Hard Assets Producers Index (RVEI) ETF.  (ETF Trends)

The Euro has made surprisingly little headway as as reserve currency.  (Alea Blog)

More investing lessons from Sir John Templeton.  (Street Capitalist)

Time for an end to the ‘Imperial CEO‘?  “Fully 65 percent of the S&P 500 have CEOs who serve as chairmen of their boards.”  (

Do presidential parties matter for the economy and stock market?  (Liscio Report via Big Picture)

T. Boone Pickens gets Web 2.0.  (

Your sunscreen sucks.  (

The moon once harbored water.  (

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