“Nobody would argue that the lifting of the uptick rule has much to do with the credit crisis. But the astonishing collapse of Bear Stearns makes one wonder if the rule would have slowed its eventual demise.”  (Deal Journal)

The risks of restricting short selling. (FT Alphaville)

Short-selling will find a way.  (NakedShorts)

What will happen to 130/30 managers when shorting becomes more difficult?  (All About Alpha)

Can Freddie Mac (FRE) really sell $10 billion in equity?  (naked capitalism)

An oh so brief spike in the VIX.  (MarketBeat)

Money managers hurt by the drop in financial stocks.  (CNNMoney.com)

Beware when some one calls an asset class “boring.”  (TraderFeed also Bespoke Investment Group)

Yet another “are hedge funds evil” article?  (WSJ.com)

The CBOE is launching commodity volatility indices.  (FT.com also Daily Options Report, FT Alphaville)

Commodity indices have very different weightings in energy.  (BusinessWeek.com)

The CME really wants the NYMEX.  (ChicagoTribune.com)

Suprising performance for ExxonMobil (XOM).  (Bespoke Investment Group)

What is going on in the Chinese stock market?  (Morningstar.com)

“No matter how many laws you pass, there will always be high-risk investment strategies that happened to do well in the recent past. ”  (EconLog)

ETNs are “hurting for attention.”  (ETF Trends)

Microsoft (MSFT) stock is “frozen.”  (Marketwatch.com)

“At present, Fed funds futures indicate a Fed that is frozen.”  (Aleph Blog)

ECRI’s indicators put us in recession territory.  (Big Picture)

The personal credit crunch will eventually hurt Internet advertising.  (GigaOM.com)

Sorry for the late post, we have been busy with other pressing matters.  (TheDeal.com)

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