“Will Wall Street sober up?” after this most recent crisis.  (Floyd Norris)

“The concept of a crowded trade is simple.  Trades are crowded when those that hold the assets in question have short time horizons.”  (Aleph Blog)

Want to buy a mutual fund operation?  Banks are selling.  (WSJ.com)

“Since 1926 US stocks have beaten the world market in 75 per cent of the presidential election years and by an average spread of 13.4 per cent per cycle from June through October.”  (FT.com)

Are emerging market equities a portfolio diversifier, a hedge, or neither?  (Abnormal Returns)

A closer look at a new set of international sector ETFs.  (Random Roger)

Don’t rely too heavily on any single market indicator.  (Big Picture)

Biotech in the spotlight.  (Money & Co.)

Why oil prices are coming down.  (Jeff Matthews)

“The best plays in MBS are securities where extension risk is limited.”  (Accrued Interest)

John Paulson raises a fund to turn the tables on troubled financials.  (TheDeal.com, DealBreaker.com)

If you can find a job in finance right now you might very well be set.  (Mergers & Inquisitions)

Buying and selling bandwidth.  (BusinessWeek.com)

What are the odds the Fed raises rates this year to stem inflationary pressures?  (Odd Numbers)

Mortgage rates are on the rise.  (Calculated Risk)

The Icahn Report on the Yahoo! deal!  (FT Alphaville)

Mark Cuban is keeping his bid for the Chicago Cubs on the down low.  (Deal Journal)

Just what is the “social responsibility” of the corporation?  (Curious Capitalist)

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