The hedge fund industry needs to decide whether it provides relative or absolute returns.  (

That has not cooled pension funds’ ardor for hedge funds.  (DealBook)

When blowing up one fund isn’t enough…the crew behind Sowood Capital is looking to raise a new fund.  (DealBook,

Who would have guessed it?  The energy sector is down for the year.  (Bespoke Investment Group)

It is tough to isolate the part of the VIX that is unrelated to recent market moves.  (Daily Options Report)

Informed traders with bad news prefer OTM put options.  (CXO Advisory Group)

A closer look at why Bill Miller’s star has fallen.  (FT Alphaville)

Asset class correlations move around, the question is why?  (Humble Student of the Markets)

“Few people realize it at the moment, but it’s a great time–a very promising time–to be a trader.”  (TraderFeed)

Roche will have to pay up for Genentech (DNA), the only question is how much?  (Global Investing)

For asset class returns, dividends matter…a lot.  (Investment Postcards)

What is going on at ETF provider WisdomTree (WSDT)?  (NakedShorts)

What has Microsoft (MSFT) been doing with their monopoly profits?  (Jeff Matthews)

A top in crude oil is in, maybe, kinda.  (MarketBeat)

Expect further mortgage rate increases in August.  (MarketSci Blog)

The trend in home foreclosures is nearly universal.  (Big Picture)

(Nearly) every one agrees the current Freddie/Fannie rescue plan is flawed.  If so, shouldn’t the goal of federal policy be more diverse sources of mortgage finance.  (naked captialism and EconLog)

Half of the muni market has been “turned on its head.”  (

The Big Mac Index indicates an overvalued Euro and undervalued Asian currencies.  (

Technology, not globalization is a leading source of growing income inequality.  (Real Time Economics)

Should economists really try to link behavioral economics and neuroeconomics together?  ( also Mind Hacks)

What economics blogs one economist has been reading.  (Brad DeLong and Curious Capitalist)

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