KKR is finally going public in a mind-numbingly complicated deal.  (Marketwatch.com)

“For many banks, the nightmare has only begun.”  (WSJ.com)

Bank management need to “take their medicine” now.  (Information Arbitrage)

Analyst independence rears its ugly head at Morningstar (MORN).  (WSJ.com)

The again, maybe it is better to be an analyst who is a generalist rather than a specialist.  (Barrons.com)

Consumers are still spending on luxury goods.  (WSJ.com)

Which begs the question, how has the Claymore/Robb Report Global Luxury ETF (ROB) held up of late?  (Yahoo! Finance)

How can the core business of the New York Times (NYT) be worth so little?  (BusinessWeek.com also Silicon Alley Insider, 24/7 Wall St.)

Small and mid caps have been more resilient of late.  (TraderFeed)

Are Brazil, Russia and China still a buy?  (BusinessWeek.com)

Speaking of declining industries, land line phones are in a steady decline.  (Slate.com)

Why did housing prices boom in areas where new supply was ample?  (Economist’s View)

How confident can we be about the “fair value” of crude oil prices?  (Econbrowser)

“But people who want to set the record straight about themselves don’t go off the record. They don’t need to. They don’t want to.”  (Real Dan)

A sign of the (economic) times.  Garage sale listings are rising on craigslist.org.  (GigaOm.com)

How many of today’s current government plans would get enacted today?  (EconLog)

Cash for clunkers” is a stimulus plan with a twist.  (NYTimes.com)

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