In this market environment there is a bull market in brash predictions. (

“By merging with KKR Private Equity, its listed unit in Amsterdam, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts is buying back pieces of its own private equity deals at bargain prices.”  ( also DealBook)

David Einhorn isn’t buying distressed debt…yet.  (DealBook)

What say a number of models about the future of dollar/Euro.  (Econbrowser)

Short-selling restrictions could be extended (and expanded).  (NakedShorts)

It’s tough to get the dark pool providers to play nice with each other.  (MarketBeat)

“The bailout mentality is contagious in the political arena.”  (Marginal Revolution)

Banks have stopped lending, even to their best customers.  (Jeff Matthews,

A primer on the mortgage bailout bill.  (

A raft of home price models show further price contraction.  (Big Picture, ibid)

The current recession may be the longest since the 1981-82 downturn.  (Real Time Economics)

Americans are driving a great deal less, thereby putting the hurt on the gasoline tax revenues.  (Calculated Risk,

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