Shipping costs are starting to crimp global trade.  (

The railroads might be the beneficiary of this trend.  (

The indicators have not yet lined up for the end of this bear market.  (

“Nearly half of all ETFs are too small to survive. The question is not whether, but when, most of them will fail.”  (

$2 trillion in credit losses.  That can’t be good.  (Big Picture)

KKR has to go public if it wants to keep up with the Joneses (and the Blackstones of the world).  (

“The really good traders? They don’t present themselves as gurus.”  (TraderFeed)

Is General Motors (GM) fixable?  (Deal Journal also

The drag on GDP that is decreased auto sales.  (Econbrowser)

“Drilling in the West is more likely to provide natural gas.”  (

While every other bank around them is foundering Hudson City Bancorp (HCBK) is thriving. (

Should you buy a house now or wait?  (Calculated Risk)

On VC fund economics, “I think getting 2x invested capital back is the absolute low end of acceptable performance in a venture fund…”  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Financial advice for twenty-somethings is less clear cut than it looks.  (Market Movers, ibid)

Nassim Taleb “charges about $60,000 for speaking engagements…”  (Times Online)

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