Oil prices are down, just as the U.S. economy comes to terms with higher oil prices.  (WSJ.com, ibid)

Strategic vs. tactical positioning in the oil markets.  (Big Picture)

A lesson in bubbles – the unwinding of the Chinese stock market.  (Bespoke Investment Group)

Dear Investor…the downside of momentum trading.  (Cassandra Does Tokyo via Big Picture)

What ails the providers of sell-side research?  (NYTimes.com)

Reasons why investors have flocked back to small cap stocks.  (Money & Co. also Afraid to Trade)

How can you turn over a portfolio 56 times in a month?  (Deal Journal)

Wall Street “grunt work” is getting outsourced to Indian firms.  (DealBook also ClusterStock.com)

Reading market themes via ETFs.  (TraderFeed)

What beta is, and isn’t.  (Bill Rempel)

Sometimes it is harder to get out of the hedge fund business than to get into it.  (NakedShorts)

Measuring apple to apples:  who charges more hedge funds or mutual funds?  (All About Alpha)

“There are no easy answers in forecasting economic growth, profits, or stock prices.”  (Dash of Insight)

Are value investors still ignoring the credit risk inherent in financial stocks?  (Aleph Blog also Market Movers)

For UBS, wealth management and investment banking do not mix well together.  (Market Movers also 24/7 Wall St.)

The Russian economy is set-up to profit a diminishing number of individuals.  (Deal Journal)

A closer look at the Alt-A mortgage lending model and why it is not coming back any time soon.  (Calculated Risk)

The U.S. economy and monetary policy are currently “in limbo.”  (Economist’s View)

Forecaster anxiety indicates an economic recession.  (Odd Numbers)

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