Bank writedowns top $500 billion.  How much further to go?  (Big Picture, naked capitalism)

The securitization market is still “stuck.”  (

What the heck happened to the cotton market in March?  (

Was AOL’s merger with Time Warner “the greatest heist in modern financial history.”  (breakingviews/

Money market funds are garnering assets hand over fist and putting it in T-bills.  (Market Movers)

Thomson Reuters (TRI) stock trades a “20% discount” in London compared to New York.  ( also BloggingStocks)

Not surprisingly non-shortable stocks rose.  ( also Financial Armageddon)

The bi-monthly bible of the quant community – Wilmott.  (

Goldman Sachs (GS) is playing in the secondary market for private equity investments in a big way.  (

Good news, the stock market is less overvalued than it used to be.  (

What happens when traders copy each other….bubbles.  (Infectious Greed)

Is Carl Icahn bad for investors?  No, says Carl Icahn.  (The Icahn Report also FT Alphaville)

The state of the ETF industry.  (

Why one investment blogger does what he does.  (MarketSci Blog)

Have Americans made permanent changes in their approach to gasoline prices?  (Econbrowser)

“If the “subprime crisis” was about “exotic securities,” the “Alt-A crisis” is going to be about bank balance sheets. And the fun is only beginning.”  (Calculated Risk)

Export strength does not translate into good feelings about the economy.  (Real Time Economics)

Why the big fuss over every new world record at the Olympics?  (

A genetic map of Europe.  (

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