The money management business continues to polarize into “passive managers and exchange traded funds, or to hedge funds and other alternative managers.”  (FT Alphaville)

Weaker commodity prices, and shipping rates, are indicative of a slowing global economy.  (

What killed the Ospraie hedge fund? (FT Alphaville, also Howard Lindzon)

The U.S. Dollar Index experienced a “golden cross” today.  (Bespoke Investment Group)

Is dividend investing “broken”?  ( also Disciplined Approach)

Every investor needs a benchmark.”  How about the 10 year TIPS?  (Capital Spectator)

What do rising credit spreads mean for the stock market?  (MarketSci Blog)

“Just as diversifying across assets is essential for success in managing trades, we think that diversifying across strategies is important for finding successful trades in the first place.”  (Condor Options also Abnormal Returns)

“(T)he apathy associated with decreasing volume certainly plays some rule as that same apathy dissuades options buying on the margins.”  (Daily Options Report)

It is “very, very difficult” to get trader status in the eyes of the IRS.  (

$31 is looking pretty good to Yahoo! (YHOO) shareholders right about now.  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Public opinion is not a good indicator of general macro trends and certainly not a measure of actual economic indicators like inflation or economic growth.”  (Dash of Insight)

A “buyers strike” by central bank for non-Treasury issues.  (naked capitalism)

Are real interest rates actually higher than they seem?  (Mish)

Does the GDP deflator lie?  (macroblog)

A blow-by-blow account of how the blogosphere and the betting markets covered the surprise Palin VP announcement.  (Odd Numbers)

Mossberg and Pogue review the new Chrome browser from Google (GOOG).  (All Things Digital,

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