Happy fifth blogiversary to Charles Kirk who writes:  “In my view, far too many investors delay their success by being stuck hoping that the key to their financial success rests in the work, opinions, and skills of others.”  (Kirk Report)

Expect continued volatility in commodity stocks.  (MarketBeat)

A closer look at the new (and volatile) Market Vectors Hard Asset Producers ETF (HAP).  (TheStreet.com, IndexUniverse.com)

Yale and Harvard’s endowment funds succeed in part because they have access to funds you don’t.  (Market Movers)

Just what are you getting with a 130/30 fund?  (Bill Rempel)

Are moving average-based systems worth your time?  (MarketSci Blog)

A souring auto industry is calling the outsized bet by Cerberus Capital Management into question.  (DealBook)

Is this a sign that big institutional investors are pulling back from private equity?  (WSJ.com)

The bonus system on Wall Street is “breaking down.”  (Deal Journal)

An introduction to trading.  (TraderFeed)

Ultrashort bond funds have not performed as advertised during the credit crisis.  (Morningstar.com)

What is our economy based upon?  (Calculated Risk)

The home price bottom may still be a year away.  (Real Time Economics)

Viewing Russia in the past two weeks as a real time “event study.”  (Marginal Revolution)

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