We have a bailout deal…we think.  (WSJ.com, ClusterStock.com also Big Picture)

Warren Buffett apparently played a role in getting Congress to act.  (CNNMoney.com, Capital Blog, DealBreaker.com)

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“The purpose of the Paulson-Dodd proposals is thus not to prevent the economy from going into recession. The purpose is to prevent the recession from turning into a severe contraction.”  (Econbrowser)

Real capitalists nationalize.”  (Interfluidity)

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The yield on muni money market funds is over 5%.  (WSJ.com)

Investor sentiment is still on the wane.  (TraderFeed also Trader’s Narrative)

Short-sellers don’t kill companies. Managers do.”  (Slate.com)

The Baltic Dry Index is down 65% since its peak.  (Bespoke Investment Group)

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There is always a bull market somewhere.  Maple syrup prices are skyrocketing.  (BusinessWeek.com)

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