A closer look inside the bailout deal.  (ClusterStock.com, Curious Capitalist, DealBook)

The market snubs the proposed deal.  (MarketBeat)

Mark-to-market accounting goes by the wayside in the bailout deal.  (NakedShorts, Big Picture)

First the bailout, next up increased regulation.  (NYTimes.com)

“The Paulson Plan is now the easy out.”  (Interfluidity)

Can taxpayers actually profit from the bailout plan?  (Economist’s View)

Wachovia heads into the arms to Citigroup (C).  (DealBook, ClusterStock.com, DealBreaker.com)

Corporate bonds are looking more attractive.  (WSJ.com)

The money market guarantee program is now in place.  (naked capitalism)

Has the LBO industry is coming to terms with a new financial scene.  (TheDeal.com, WSJ.com)

This financial crisis just needs to “burn itself out.”  (Infectious Greed)

Should Lehman Brothers been allowed to fail?  (Crossing Wall Street)

Financial crises are nothing new.  (WSJ.com)

Six reasons to be optimistic.  (FT.com)

Why options may be the way to trade in the current market regime.  (Daily Options Report)

Another company chooses to hide under the short-selling ban.  (NakedShorts)

Some funds that practice ‘extreme diversification.’  (TheStreet.com)

A notable divergence in the stock market.  (InVivoAnalytics.com)

Commodities and the Baltic Dry Index continue to fall on global economic fears.  (Financial Ninja)

Breaking down the components of the TED spread.  (Econbrowser also Market Movers)

Bear markets bring opportunity.  (Kirk Report)

You know times are tough when both bookies and Apple (AAPL) are feeling the pinch.  (Business Sheet, MarketBeat)

“Uninspiring prose” makes “The Snowball” a disappointing effort.    (Portfolio.com also DealBreaker.com)

At least the Cubs are doing well….  (Daily Options Report)

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