Coordinated rate cuts arrive.  Will they help?  ( also Accrued Interest, Real Time Economics, MarketBeat)

The Fed begins buying commercial paper and fund giants participate in the money market fund insurance program.  (, ibid)

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What did the short-selling ban actually accomplish?  (

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Normal historical indicators of market bottoms are broken.”  (TraderFeed)

Implied volatilities are just catching up with reality.  What does it mean?  (MarketBeat also Condor Options

“It is ok to probe and adjust your strategy if you have a plan.”  (Howard Lindzon)

Are TIPS offering value at these levels?  (

Are there opportunities in the aftermath of the burst commodity bubble?  (Market Movers)

“Highly cyclical companies with low earnings visibility = companies where forward (forecast) PE is essentially meaningless.”  (The Stalwart)

Equity markets are finally nearing fair value.  (Clusterstock)

Don’t write off 130/30 funds yet.  (All About Alpha)

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Consulting is the new investment banking.  (

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