The U.S. is thinking about taking ownership stakes in banks.  (,, Market Movers,, Bespoke)

How best to inject capital into the banking system.  (Mankiw Blog)

The credit markets remain under great stress.  (Calculated Risk, MarketBeat)

Europe is less well-suited to confront the credit crisis.  (

Don’t forget about LBO loans.  (naked capitalism)

The short-selling ban expires.  (, FT Alphaville, Crossing Wall Street, Clusterstock)

Bill Gross is the luckiest guy in the world.  (Infectious Greed also DealBook)

The Lehman CDS unwind is coming.  (Big Picture)

Want to get a handle on today’s markets?  Don’t watch the Dow, watch the TED spread.  (The Big Money)

Previously closed hedge funds are opening up to new investors.  (Bull Bear Trader)

Down $26 trillion.  That can’t be good.  (Bespoke)

More indicators show a historically weak market.  (Trader Mike, Bespoke, VIX and More, Daily Options Report, TraderFeed)

Investors have built up large cash reserves.  (Disciplined Approach)

Holding cash is fine, but when do you get back in?  (

“(F)or long-term investors, panics are a time for thought and choice. Turn off the TV and take a view. What will it be: buy or sell?”  (Deal Journal)

Will rising dividend yields tempt investors?  (Capital Spectator)

The need to be right vs. the need to make money.  (TraderFeed)

Beware small ETFs.  (Market Movers)

The great ETF washout begins.  (

More talk about GE (GE) being in for tough times, or not.  ( also Clusterstock)

$31 a share is looking pretty good to Yahoo! (YHOO) shareholders these days.  (Deal Journal, Silicon Alley Insider)

Bulk shipping rates (and earnings) turn around in an instant.  (Infectious Greed, The Stalwart)

California in recession.  (

Russia’s banks have problems, but Eastern Europe has largely avoided the credit crisis.  (,

Looking at oil vs. gold.  (MarketBeat also naked capitalism)

Do VCs need to worry about limited partners not ponying up?  (

Capital efficiency is of paramount importance at the moment.  (A VC also Bits)

The Great Depression debate rages on.  (Econbrowser also Free exchange)

The end of the crisis will not be apparent until it has come and gone and is some distance in the rear-view mirror”  (Free exchange)

How to best estimate the equity risk premium.  (CXO Advisory Group)

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