The Pickens Purge.  Investors ask for their money back.  (

Hedge funds are on track for another horrible month.  (

Investing like Yale is not as easy as it looks.  (

There is always a bubble somewhere.  (NakedShorts)

A record low in consumer confidence and its value as a contrarian indicator.  (Big Picture)

Has shrinkage in prime brokerage capacity lead to delevered hedge funds?  (Market Movers)

The great moderation in volatility is reversing taking VAR models with them.  ( also MarketSci Blog)

How emerging and frontier markets have performed in the crisis.  (

Defensive sectors have not been all that defensive of late.  (MarketBeat)

What the market’s price-to-dividend ratio is telling us.  (Trader’s Narrative also Capital Spectator)

Nibble, don’t gorge, on stocks during a bottoming process.  (

The inconsistent relationship between the U.S. and Chinese stock markets.  (MarketSci Blog)

“You can seek information and perspective, but ultimately there is no substitute for being one’s own guru.”  (TraderFeed)

What actually happens in the really long run?  (Humble Student)

General Motors (GM) is a wreck…federal loans or not.  ( also Deal Journal, NakedShorts)

The spectacular rise in the Japanese Yen.  (Brad Setser)

House prices continue their decline.  (Calculated Risk also Clusterstock)

Shouldn’t they have just skipped the ‘Banker of the Year‘ awards this year?  (Clusterstock)

Time to re-balance Social Security’s portfolio.  (The Balance Sheet)

Beware the return of AC/DC.  (Daily Options Report)

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