At today’s prices TIPS are an attractive alternative to cash.  (,

“It is a confusing time to be running money, especially using quantitative approaches, where recent events create statistical outcomes so out of step with the past that historical analysis is of limited value.”  (Information Arbitrage)

“How much further must this de-leveraging process go on?”  (Dash of Insight)

The VIX has no causal power.  (Condor Options)

Has the “fear bubble” popped?  (VIX and More)

This whole being public thing hasn’t worked out so well for private equity firms.  (Deal Journal)

Is General Electric’s (GE) credit strong or weak?  (breakingviews/

Banks have become “utterly schizophrenic.”  (Big Picture also The Balance Sheet)

Are stocks as cheap as the bulls are claiming?  (

Using ETFs to manage taxes.  (SSGA via

The Fed may cut the Fed funds target today, but is small potatoes these days.  (FT Alphaville)

A closer look at the state of the commercial paper market.  (macroblog)

Why the dollar surge won’t last.  (The Daily Beast)

Don’t go dismissing FICO scores just yet.  (Odd Numbers)

Lebanon has become a surprising banking center amidst the global credit crisis.  (

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