The re-test of the October lows is here. (Big Picture also Trader’s Narrative)

Persistently high implied volatilities have cut into options trading volumes. (

Sentiment data is murky on whether “the low” has been found. (

High daily volatility can continue for quite some time. (MarketSci Blog)

The best way to save Goldman Sachs (GS). Gasp, lower compensation. (Deal Journal)

“Is GE’s dividend safe?” ( also Crossing Wall Street)

Is Google (GOOG) finally cheap? (Silicon Alley Insider)

Irrational exuberance, indeed. Equity returns trail T-bill returns since 1996. (

Activist shareholders are getting more “creative and aggressive.” (

Oversight of the TARP is limited, at best. (

The case for a General Motors (GM), or least Midwest, bailout. (Market Movers also The Balance Sheet)

“(T)here is no good reason not to let non-financial businesses go into chapter 11.” (Brad DeLong)

Swings in supply and demand explain why ” prices are very unlikely to reveal all available information…” (Odd Numbers)

“Relying on the housing market to propel growth is a failed policy.” (Economist’s View)

Another high-profile blogger exits Seeking Alpha. (Information Arbitrage)

Times are tough when the Red Sox choose not to raise ticket prices. ( also Deadspin)

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