Funds of funds were supposed to be the safer choice for high-net-worth individuals and big institutions.”  (

Alternative assets are on the outs.  “Could the David Swensen days be over?”  (Infectious Greed)

(T)he current 53% decline in oil without a 20% rally is by far the biggest drop the commodity has seen since we have daily pricing for going back to 1986.”  (Bespoke)

Now you only need five figures to purchase a share of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK).  (DealBook also Bespoke)

A test of two bond market-related stock market timing strategies.  (MarketSci Blog)

Many active traders underperform because they act before observation/analysis has an opportunity to crystallize in a creative insight.”  (TraderFeed)

“Very quickly, I realized that one cannot trade these triple ETFs without finely honed trading rules and an iron will to act on them at all costs.”  (VIX and More)

An options expiration theory debunked.  (Daily Options Report)

“Of course, when you buy on the way down, you have to be cool with watching the value of your stock go down.”  (A VC)

Could Goldman Sachs (GS) go private?  (Clusterstock)

“But if stocks really weren’t such a good bargain a few years ago, why was the market valuing them as highly as it did?”  (Econbrowser)

“Investors finally have access to currency based ETFs for all four of the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China).”  (

30-year investment grade bond spreads are at a record.  (Crossing Wall Street)

The 30 year Treasury bond auction was sloppy, to say the least.  (Accrued Interest)

Retail sales in October were pretty bad.  (Calculated Risk, Curious Capitalist)

The history of most forecasts is that they are overoptimistic. Economists as a group miss the start of nearly every recession, and they see the end before it actually comes.”  (Floyd Norris)

Exports are falling…fast.  (Follow the Money)

Micropublishing is dead.  Long live ‘all things to all people’ blogs.  (Market Movers)

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