“Why the hell are share prices going up and down?”  (FT Alphaville)

“Virtually every investment that carries any risk is on sale.”  (WSJ.com)

“Too much energy is spent and too many accolades are given to those that are ‘right’.”  (Howard Lindzon)

Most of us need a retirement fund as well as a place to live; there is nothing intrinsically risky about regular borrowing to get that fund off to an early start.”  (Slate.com)

Sidelined hedge funds make for opportunities in merger arb.  (FT.com)

The case for partnerships.  (Clusterstock)

A conversation with Barry Ritholtz.  (Big Picture)

A new global volatility index.  (VIX and More)

A Treasury yield-based market-timing system.  (MarketSci Blog)

Be careful and properly test any mechanical trading system you come up with.  (Dash of Insight)

“(E)ven if investors are not worried about the risk of a sovereign default, there is going to be so much government debt for sale that yields will rise, merely based on supply and demand.”  (naked capitalism)

“I think we can say that TARP has become a bad private equity fund, whose purpose is to buy preferred stock on overly generous terms..in order to shore up banks and bank-like institutions…”  (The Baseline Scenario)

Now that’s an earnings miss.  (The Balance Sheet, Dealbreaker)

Euroland is officially in a recession.  (WSJ.com)

A decline in real retail sales not seen since 1980.  (Econbrowser)

“Capitalism wants only three or four global car companies. And what capitalism wants, it eventually gets.”  (Deal Journal)

One reason why the (not-so) Big Three automakers are in trouble.  (Mankiw Blog)

Did the ‘Great Moderation‘ sow the seeds of its own demise?  (Free exchange)

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