The last best hope for Citigroup (C):  good bank, bad bank.  (,,

Finally the one of the few constants at Citigroup over the past few years, Bob Rubin, is coming under scrutiny.  (Market Movers, naked capitalism)

Many hedge funds are in “survival mode.”  (

“There has, in other words, been nowhere to hide from the collapse of 2008.”  (

Mega-LBOs are “coming apart at the seams.”  (

Equity market capitalization to GDP suggests a bounce back.  ( also The Balance Sheet)

Being short volatility has been a bad trade for Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA).  (Market Movers)

The current market is facing “the highest sustained volatility environment in S&P 500 history.”  (

A notable statistic, all but one equity mutual fund is down on the year.  (

“High margins. Low asset intensity. Low required leverage. These are the hallmarks of tomorrow’s winners.”  (Information Arbitrage)

On the growing spread between nominal and real Treasuries.  (Mankiw Blog)

Talk about deja vu.  (Alea)

“How can it be good if our nation’s Congressmen are the ones evaluating the Big Three’s business plans?”  (Deal Journal also Dealbreaker)

“Our current downturn will end as well someday, and, as in the ’30s, the recovery will probably come for reasons that have little to do with most policy initiatives.”  (

“Flawed financial instruments only become policy issues when people responsible for investment on a significant scale decide that what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”  (Interfluidity)

Is now a bad, or great time, to publish an investment book?  (Freakonomics also Daily Options Report)

The ‘stadium naming rights curse‘ strikes hard.  (Clusterstock)

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