Citigroup (C) gets a (lenient) lifeline.  (breakingviews, Market Movers, The Baseline Scenario, Crossing Wall Street, Economist’s View, Big Picture)

Why Citigroup and not General Motors?  “Banks are different.”  (Curious Capitalist)

Fear beats greed.  What next?  (FT Alphaville)

TIPS vs. Treasuries.  Quite a discrepancy.  ( also knzn)

Remember that panic in Morgan Stanley (MS) back in September.  An examination of what happened.  ( also Clusterstock)

The Presidential Cycle begins again.  Should we care?  (

Let’s hope Rubin’s disciples do a better job in government than he did at Citi?  (, Big Picture,

Some longer term sentiment measures.  (Humble Student)

Insiders are buying.  (Trader’s Narrative)

Deviations from NAV and the ability to stay solvent.  (Daily Options Report)

Time to look at China?  (VIX and More)

A television interview with Jeremy Grantham.  (WealthTrack via The Wallet)

An extended profile of Ben Bernanke.  (

A record year-over-year fall in median existing home prices.  (Calculated Risk)

All the analogies to the Great Depression are flawed.  (The Big Money)

A couple of book reviews.  (Infectious Greed, Aleph Blog)

Is “slow blogging” the future of blogging?  (

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