The Yale endowment did not escape the global bear market.  (, Clusterstock)

Is business as usual at Goldman Sachs (GS) the right way to go?  (Deal Journal)

Investors in leveraged ETFs need to be aware of the tax consequences.  ( also

What do fund of funds do to earn their fees?  (Clusterstock)

Despite a drop in spot VIX, futures point to continued long term volatility.  (MarketBeat)

Arbitrage is not working its magic for bond ETFs.  (

“Many investment managers seem to not think globally about their businesses.”  (Aleph Blog)

Should you follow a 13F strategy or simply invest in a hedge fund?  (World Beta)

Another example that good companies are not always good investments.  (Value Expectations)

Stocktwits goes big time with Series A funding.  (Information Arbitrage also VentureBeat, Silicon Alley Insider)

On oil, “Western salvation is Mideast disaster.”  (Dealbreaker)

How low can mortgage rates go?  (Accrued Interest)

Why is the Fed pursuing a ‘ZIRPish’ approach now?  (Market Movers)

ZIRP=trouble for the repo market.  (naked capitalism)

ZIRP=trouble for money market funds.  (Calculated Risk)

The Fed wants to start pushing on long term lending rates.  (Real Time Economics)

What is the Feds’ end game here?  (Curious Capitalist)

“Even if the Fed cannot reduce nominal interest rates, it can reduce real interest rates by committing to a modest amount of inflation.”  (Mankiw Blog also Econbrowser)

Research shows that macroeconomic and stock market volatility are correlated.  (Capital Spectator)

Some junior Senator was named Time’s 2008 Person of the Year.  (

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