Wall Street ran on ever increasing bonuses, to the detriment of the firms and the economy.  (NYTimes.com also naked capitalism, TheDeal.com, Big Picture)

An interesting way to deal with Wall Street bonuses? (Alea, DealBook)

How sticky are wages?  Apparently, not very, at FedEx (FDX).  (Market Movers also Real Time Economics)

For ten years Harry Markopolos knew Madoff’s returns were too good to be true.  (WSJ.com also 1440 Wall Street, NakedShorts, Curious Capitalist)

“If Madoff is causing a crisis of confidence in the markets, it might be for this reason: that he’s driven home the fact that you can never know for sure that your money is safe and that it will be there tomorrow.”  (Market Movers)

What’s the exit strategy from a Ponzi scheme?  (Economix)

No portfolio is perfect.”  (Aleph Blog)

An ugly six-day run for the U.S. dollar.  (Bespoke)

Warren Buffett doubled his money on the Constellation Energy deal.  (Deal Journal)

Why is the week of options expiration generally positive?  (MarketSci Blog)

Some perspective on the Treasury bubble.  (The Stalwart, Accrued Interest, MarketBeat)

Steve Jobs is worth a great deal (~$20 billion) to Apple (AAPL).  (breakingviews.com also GigaOm, WSJ.com)

Google (GOOG) is doing everything it can to generate new revenue in the face of the downturn.  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Record low mortgage rates are fueling refis, not new purchases.  (Calculated Risk, Big Picture)

Will 4.50% 30-year mortgages arrest the decline in housing prices?  (Mankiw Blog)

The world of deposit insurance has changed drastically in the past year.  (Infectious Greed)

Who were the winners in the credit crunch?  (Deal Journal)

If oil was manipulated on the way up, is it being manipulated on the way down?  (Clusterstock)

The SEC gets a nominee.  Is that a good thing?  (NakedShorts, Curious Capitalist, footnoted.org)

“It only takes ONE opportunity to change your life. Be ready for it.”  (Howard Lindzon)

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