We here at Abnormal Returns wanted to write a quick note to all of our readers before the holiday season begins in earnest.

We want to to thank you all of you for your continued support of our humble blog.  Interest continued to grow throughout the year as more people added us to their feed readers and e-mail inboxes.  Market volatility certainly played a big role in that, but we like to think we are providing our readers with a useful service.

We are always gratified to hear from our readers and our equally humbled to receive generous praise from our fellow bloggers.  We are also grateful to all of you who chose to hit our tip jar, and chose to follow us on Twitter.

Investment blogging is no easy thing, therefore we were relieved to celebrate our third blogiversary.  In that light, one of our favorite parts of blogging is noting the many new and noteworthy investment blogs.

Posting will be light (and sporadic) through the beginning of the New Year.  We want to wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season.  Here’s hoping for all our sakes that 2009 is just a tad less exciting than 2008.