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Why aren’t stocks falling? (Market Movers)

Checking in on the Coppock Guide.  (Trader’s Narrative)

Don’t forget that last year’s Morningstar Fund Managers of the Year still lost gobs of money.  (The Wallet)

Four index funds off the beaten path.  (Morningstar.com)

Value-based strategies have performed well in the market bounce.  (Value Expectations)

A study of the stock picking ability of self-professed value investors.  (Empirical Finance Research Blog)

The reversal of the Wal-Mart/Sears Holding pairs trade.  (MarketBeat also TheStreet.com)

Risk models are perfectly fine to use as long as you’re aware of the limitations. Every financial ratio or metric is like that.”  (Crossing Wall Street)

Presenting the Financial Modelers’ Manifesto.  (Wilmott Blog via FT Alphaville)

“In the end, if we want markets to work well, we want them to be bigger, not smaller. Even if that means letting speculators through the door.”  (The Balance Sheet)

Hedge funds are going to have to outsource administration, whether they want to or not.  (breakingviews.com also Dealbreaker)

Can a hedge fund manager, John Paulson, make too much in the wrong way?  (Portfolio.com)

The banks have yet to be really fixed.  (Clusterstock)

Prime money market funds gain at the expense of their Treasury-only brethren.  (FT Alphaville)

China’s appetite for U.S. debt is declining.  (NYTimes.com, naked capitalism also Follow the Money)

Global demand for gold is on the rise.  (EconomPic Data)

“Is there a risk of a “pessimism bubble” in the real economy?”  (FiveThirtyEight.com also Free exchange)

Are discussions around the details of a stimulus package missing the larger point?  (Baseline Scenario)

It’s time for Apple (AAPL) to make their succession plan clear.  (Deal Journal)

Happy second blogiversary!  (VIX and More)

The death of Wallstrip can’t be good for the financial blogosphere (or us for that matter).  (Market Movers)

“Statisticians, quantitative analysts, and all related professionals should have the dignity, the self-respect, and the common sense to have nothing to do with the BCS.”  (Slate.com)

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