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Contango in the oil markets makes storage a profitable venture.  (WSJ.com)

Long equity is also long volatility.  (Market Movers)

Gold sentiment is getting a bit extreme.  (Barrons.com)

Equity sentiment is perking up as well.  (Bespoke)

Hedge funds lost 18.3% in 2008 according to Hedge Fund Research.  (DealBook also naked capitalism)

Performance like that and the Madoff scandal to-boot have put hedge fund of funds on the defensive.  (WSJ.com)

Sorting out the winners and losers from the Madoff mess is growing increasingly complicated.  (Sly Capital, Clusterstock)

Stable value funds have dodged some bullets.  Is their luck run its course?  (Aleph Blog)

Think the TARP is making money?  Piggyback with the Nasdaq OMX Government Relief Index.  (MarketBeat)

The TARP is going to get a major makeover.  (WashingtonPost.com)

The viability of the Federal Home Loan Banks are now in question.  (FT Alphaville)

The employment situation is bad… (EconomPic Data, Economix, Real Time Economics, Market Movers)

But it’s irrelevant at this point in the cycle.  (Big Picture)

Is it now time for ‘inflation targeting‘?  (Real Time Economics)

Do we overvalue the impact of start-ups?  (American.com via Silicon Alley Insider)

Another Buffett hagiography?  Wait, this book may be worth your time (and money).  (NakedShorts)

Just how big is the “Kindle premium“?  (Breakingviews.com)

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