Citigroup (C) is going through the great unwind.  (, DealBook, naked capitalism, Information Arbitrage)

Are financial supermarkets simply “too big to succeed“?  (Big Picture)

Private equity firms are in “fundraising purgatory.”  (

The bullish percentage index (BPI) for the major stock averages are all negative.  (Fallond Picks)

Does the appearance of the January effect mean risk taking is on the rise?  (

Just what constitutes a blue chip stock these days?  (

The railroad stocks are looking sickly.  (

A sign of a top in volatility?  (Daily Options Report)

Research into idiosyncratic risk and fund performance.  (

Retail sales have fallen off the cliff.  (Calculated Risk)

The federal budget deficit in pictures.  (EconomPic Data)

Just how inflationary has Fed policy been?  (macroblog)

A dramatic turnaround for the Irish economy.  (FT Alphaville, Clusterstock, EconomPic Data)

Should there be a warning label on caffeine?  (

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