Confidence is shaken in Apple (AAPL) as questions about Steve Jobs’ health abound.  (,, Silicon Alley Insider, DealBook, Joe Nocera, Woodrow, Daring Fireball)

Still on the tech front, Google (GOOG) is facing much slower than expected growth.  (Silicon Alley Insider,

Citigroup (C) needs to get smaller so that it is no longer ‘too big to fail.’  (,, MarketBeat)

“Wasn’t Bank of America (BAC) supposed to be a healthy bank?”  (Baseline Scenario also Big Picture, Aleph Blog, MarketBeat)

Maybe the Feds should just nationalize them both?  (Market Movers)

On the question of mean reversion in options implied volatility.  (Daily Options Report)

Eleven firms with negative Altman Z-scores.  (Value Expectations)

“..hedge fund flame-outs are actually not the norm.”  (All About Alpha)

“(M)any funds, and fund-of-funds, hire risk managers first and foremost with a marketing goal in mind: the goal is not to manage risk so much as to reassure their investors that they’re managing risk.”  (Market Movers)

“Until the Cushing scenario is resolved (unlikely until the contango in WTI disappears), the Nymex light sweet crude contract remains a pretty useless global price benchmark.”  (FT Alphaville)

Keep an eye on Russia.  (Dealbreaker)

The broader [globally] the recession, very often the longer it is.”  (Capital Spectator)

Trade flows have dropped off at a “startling” rate.  (Econbrowser)

Things Paul Kedrosky “just doesn’t care about.”  (Infectious Greed)

Community and transparency are forging a new financial journalism (for lack of a better term).  (Howard Lindzon, Jon Markman, Phil Pearlman)

Tough time to be an academic looking for a job.  (Free exchange)

An interesting new book on decision making.  (Very Short List)

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