Does it matter that the stock market is well below its long term trendline?  (Big Picture, ibid)

“Every investment strategy, at its core, reflects an asset allocation decision.”  (Capital Spectator)

“..Leveraged Monsters [ETFs] are designed as trading vehicles.  Period.”  (Daily Options Report)

“In my opinion, most financial advice floating around is worth less than nothing.”  (Baseline Scenario)

“Without a rethink of their business models, many in the hedge fund business risk going the way of the investment banking dodo.”  (

Corporations, even the most creditworthy, are finding it difficult to borrow at reasonable rates.  (

Is it all that hard to fix the banks the right way?  (Clusterstock)

China is very likely to continue to run trade surpluses even with global trade at depressed levels.”  (naked capitalism)

Spain loses its AAA rating.  (FT Alphaville)

Can you have healthy markets without healthy banks?  (EconLog)

Job cuts year-to-date.  (EconomPic Data)

“If you want people to spend the money [a rebate], you don’t want to give them one big check, because that makes it more likely that they’ll think of it as an increase in their wealth and save it.”  (

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