Real yields on corporate debt are elevated.  (EconomPic Data, ibid)

High muni yields can’t last forever.  (

Europe is warming to the idea of a common debt agency.  (

There are no models for all seasons (assumptions), but there are seasons (assumptions) for models.”  (Humble Student of the Markets)

This long term trendline business is more ambiguous than it looks.  (Big Picture)

Direxion’s family of “leveraged” and “inverse” ETFs are garnering assets and criticism.  (

How contango affects the crude oil ETFs.  (market folly)

The U.S. dollar is back near its recent highs.  (Bespoke)

Hedge funds are here to stay, but not here to stay the same.”  (All About Alpha)

How does Apple (AAPL) management get away with its “happy talk” on the health of Steve Jobs?  (Jeff Matthews)

There are “no easy answers” to fix banking balance sheets.  (Market Movers also Clusterstock)

A bank nationalization linkfest.  (Interfluidity)

Now is the time to prevent a “$1 trillion heist.”  (Clusterstock)

Executive compensation is going to have be reviewed in this new economic environment.  (Econbrowser)

It has been a long time in this country since the ideals of sacrifice, honor, courage, and integrity were both admired and aspired to by the common man…What is admired now is fame and its idiot cousin, celebrity, and wealth and its bastard offspring, money-for-nothing.”  (Epicurean Dealmaker)

In light of the current crisis, talented individuals will enter fields other than finance.  (The Big Money)

An Obama portfolio smackdown.  (The Big Money)

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